Our Tea

No schmutz. All loose leaf.

A Kolboynick once said, "good tea starts with the leaf"...
And you know what? We couldn't agree more. That's why we look at factors such as elevation, weather, rainfall, and peak production times when ethically sourcing our base leaves, and only schlep the top 10% back to be used in our blends.

"We're pickier than bubbes in the fruit aisle."


No artificial flavors, no tsuris.

We don't use artificial flavoring in any of our blends. Our teas are either naturally flavored by the fruits they contain, or with oils extracted from natural, pareve ingredients. Have a sweet tooth? Honey Shticks are a great way to sweeten your tea.

"You'll have better luck finding a cookie in Bubbe's Royal Dansk tin than finding artificial flavoring in our blends" - Allan Shulman, Co-Founder of Mazel Tea


No tea bags, bubelah.

Open a tea bag and start counting tea leaves... How many do you see?
That's right, bupkis! Why? Because it's probably filled with tea fannings and dust, which is often considered the lowest quality tea.

Not our cup of tea.

Whole leaves preserve the flavors and benefits of tea. The combination of full-leaf tea and premium ingredients in Mazel Tea provides a flavor-packed, antioxidant-filled cup that you can be excited to gift and drink. Our full leaf tea can also be re-steeped, with some customers even saying they prefer the lightness of their 2nd or third re-steep most. To re-steep, simply pat the leaves dry with a schmatta and set aside to air-dry. Once dried, store in a tin until you're ready to steep them again.

For best results, infuse your tea in an infuser or teapot to give the leaves space to expand and steep fully, for a perfect, balanced cup.




Please see below for our Letter of Kosher Certification. A PDF copy is available upon Email request.